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DDF/DDD Updates <3

Dirty Diction Designs Updates

Updated: May 24th 2024


All non-preorder orders have been fulfilled and brought to the post.


Fall of Ruin and Wrath Alternate Dust Jacket Pre-Order: 

The production process has finished and the supplier is bringing them to the post. They are making their journey to DDD HQ. 

The original ship out date to customers still stands at Late June / Early July.

Dirty Diction Fiction Updates

Updated: April 23rd 2024

Dear Dirty Diction Fiction customers, in regards to the Bridge Kingdom 1 & 2 special edition, 
It is of upmost importance to us to be transparent. We wish we didn’t have to make this announcement but it seems we have not escaped the delays and/or roadblocks that come with the special edition business.
We did our best to give a long enough timeline so that if anything were to come up, it could be taken care of within that frame in a timely manner. As this is our first box, we wanted it to go as perfectly and as smoothly as possible.
Before we officially placed the order, we inquired about being able to print hard NSFW illustrations on the dust jackets. We were assured that it would be acceptable in their experience but that it would still need approval from the Press and Publication Bureau before printing. Once the books started production, we assumed approval had gone through. There were a handful of delays during the production process due to backlogs on their end among other things, but we were assured that the timeline of the books arriving in late April/early May at the latest would be upheld. 
Unfortunately, we just received news that there is another delay in production due to the books not being granted approval because of the explicit reverse dust jacket artwork. So, in order to still bring you your double threat fantastical and spicy dust jackets, we will be carrying out the following. In the end you will be receiving two dust jackets and you may choose which to put on your books or display, however you wish.
 1.The original dust jackets designs (by Vitkovskaya_art on the front & NSFW reverse by Lamonyo) will be getting printed locally at the same printers that do our SFW and NSFW prints for Dirty Diction Designs to ensure completion. Due to the fewer options of where we are able to get NSFW done at this scale, there are limitations to this alternate source of printing, such as no foiling which we had intended to do even though it was not advertised as such. These illustrations will still be as gorgeous as ever even though there will be only foiling on our naked hardcovers as promised.

2. The additional version will be printed alongside the books at the manufacturers. This dust jacket will have the original cover (by Vitkovskaya_art) as well with foiling on the front but with a different reverse dust jacket (still by Lamonyo). 
This way, there is an option for those that love the foiled front cover aesthetic and also a version for those that don’t mind no foil and get to have the original NSFW reverse dust jacket artwork. 
The adjusted estimate is for the sets to be shipped out of Dirty Fiction HQ to you at the middle/end of August 2024, due to the approval process and production restarting. We will let you know if anything changes. 
We sincerely apologize for this delay and appreciate your patience with us for our first box. We are doing everything we can to get these beautiful books to you in a timely manner. 
P.S. Please remember to not contact the author with questions in regards to this box. Please direct all inquiries to our @DirtyDictionFiction Insta DM’s or