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Flesh and Fire Inspired

Flesh and Fire Inspired

Granted licensing by Jennifer L. Armentrout to sell products inspired by the Flesh and Fire series. The artistic vision is of myself and the artists.

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13 products


Kiss Me
Kiss Me Sale price$14.75 CAD
Primal Payback
Primal Payback Sale price$14.75 CAD
The Cave
The Cave Sale price$14.75 CAD
Or what?
Or what? Sale price$14.75 CAD
Shadowstone Blade
Shadowstone Blade Sale price$7.75 CAD
Sold outShow Me
Show Me Sale price$14.75 CAD
Sold outThe Ultimate Daddy
The Ultimate Daddy Sale price$16.75 CAD
Moonlit Swim ~ Light DefectMoonlit Swim ~ Light Defect
Moonlit Swim ~ Light Defect Sale price$14.00 CAD
Every Damn Inch Pt.1
Every Damn Inch Pt.1 Sale price$14.75 CAD
Reaver-Butt Sale price$6.50 CAD
The Consort aka Sera
The Consort aka Sera Sale price$6.50 CAD
Shadow Daddy aka Nyktos
Shadow Daddy aka Nyktos Sale price$6.50 CAD
Daddy Nektas
Daddy Nektas Sale price$6.50 CAD